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14 Jul 2020

Finally Free by Roberto Cer�

If you have a product, a product that you consider objectively valid, perhaps better than other competing products, but you are unable to sell it or sell the quantities you would like … or if you are the product, because it is your skills or services that are bought, but you can't break through as you would like …

Pay attention because I'm going to explain how to do it.

For years I had the same problem: I had produced thousands of pieces, including video courses on DVDs, CDs and books. I had filled the basement and garage with pride. I had created a nice website, the toll-free number, ISO9000 certifications, advertising in newspapers and online, well… I was fine! Proud to have a great product, ready to be sold and shipped. Yet, despite the fact that those who bought it told me to exhaustion that it was a crazy product and that I was an excellent professional, I could not move from the usual 1,200 - 1,500 euros per month of sales. Too little to support a family (I got married and just became a dad) and certainly not enough for what I deserved, considering the commitment, efforts and quality. Sales Page: Finally Free by Roberto Cerè

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Finally Free by Roberto Cerè

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