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03 Aug 2020

Gio Di Lorenzo - Inside Her Mind

They understood that emotions and thoughts are all in seduction

It means:

use specific techniques based on the woman in front of you calibrate to the level of being able to read the girl's mind even before she knows what she is thinking understand that every woman has an internal blueprint (an internal scheme) that she will follow when she is faced with a man she may be interested in, and use this scheme to her advantage

Obtaining this level of calibration, combined with the knowledge of seductive techniques, is the simple formula for becoming part of the 1%. It is the formula I use to have the lifestyle of a Star when it comes to sex. And it is the formula that will bring YOU here too. 1% just doesn't act. 1% acts INTELLIGENTLY. 1% use highly calibrated seduction techniques tailored to get just the kind of woman they want.

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Gio Di Lorenzo - Inside Her Mind

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