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22 Dec 2019

Google Advanced by Marketers (Dario Vignali)

We created Google Advanced with one goal: to create a complete video course.

A course that gives everyone the opportunity to learn the theoretical foundations of Google Ads and at the same time consult practical examples of how the tool works and advanced Best Practices. For years we have created, managed and optimized campaigns for B2B and B2C companies, in Italy and abroad, for e-Commerce, local and multinational businesses, managing an overall budget of eight zeroes as Google Premier Partner.

We have grown as consultants and teachers through constant dialogue with other advertisers and thousands of hours of classroom teaching and help in online communities.

Within this course you will not only find the basics of how the Google Ads tool works, but also small tricks and methodologies to work more efficiently and effectively, saving time.

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Download the Google Advanced by Marketers (Dario Vignali) for only 82 USD.

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