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04 Feb 2020

Marketing sucks by Frank Merenda

Frank Merenda, successful popularizer in sales and marketing, starting from his practical experience in the field as an entrepreneur in different sectors has become known to the general public for having introduced the concept of “professional sales” in Italy through a series of publications and courses.

In just a few years, Frank has been able to create a following of thousands of people who, inspired by the hard work, methods and strategies he discloses, obtain tangible results which they themselves previously considered unthinkable in hard and difficult economic times such as the present. He is also the only partner and representative in Europe of Al Ries, the father of Brand Positioning and the only Italian in history to have been accepted by Dan Kennedy in his famous Titanium Group, the inner circle of millionaire marketers before and as a student. private then.

Jay Abraham, the world reference in strategic marketing defined Frank Merenda as “One of the brightest people I have ever taught”.

Furthermore, Frank with his specialized training activity on customer acquisition and sales strategies has created the two systems Winner and Marketing Merenda to sell and win new customers successfully.

First lesson:

Image of Marketing sucks by Frank Merenda

Marketing sucks by Frank Merenda

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