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30 Dec 2019

Sit them down by Frank Merenda

Creating LIVE EVENTS is the strategy that cannot be missing in your marketing system to attract, retain and increase your customers.

Creating events - even starting from 5-15 people - is the weapon that will allow you to suddenly gain this new level of authority. Both in the eyes of your customers and in the eyes of new contacts who will know you.

And you have the opportunity to learn how to do it directly from those who have filled buildings with more than 3000 people… thanks to these same strategies.

Settarli a Sedere is a real lectio magistralis in which I empty the bag and reveal to you how the heck I did to seat so many people, for so long and at such a high price.

You will learn exactly how to adapt this to industries light years away from training… even if public speaking terrifies you and you think clients will never show up.

First lesson:

Image of Sit them down by Frank Merenda

Sit them down by Frank Merenda

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