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10 Jan 2020

Miracle Mind 5 by Charlie Fantechi

Miracle Mind 5 ® is a journey that leverages over 40 years of research in neuroscience to stimulate the “miraculous” part of your mind that characterizes great genes and personalities, such as Tesla, Buddha, Gates, Musk and many others.

Starting from the amazing studies conducted by Dr. Vladimi Raikov in 1971, Dr. Fantechi has succeeded in enhancing the hypnotic effects of the DTI technique while making the method usable from home and in complete safety. What's more, without having to learn anything: just put on your headphones and follow the instructions.

Thanks to this mental conditioning work your mind can learn a skill, any skill (from foreign languages, to seduction, to sales, to business intuition, to any other you want), terribly faster than before. : as if each repetition were valid for 10 repetitions, as if the skill you are looking for suddenly found a predisposition within you present from birth, but which until that moment you had never stimulated.

All this is possible thanks to an extreme evolution of Raikov's “Deep Trance Identification” technique (you can also find information on Wikipedia) combined with special inductive techniques such as “February man”, “post-hypnotic amnesia”, “The alteration of memories” and many others.

Few things can accelerate your life towards the results you desire like turning on the miraculous part of your mind: for this Miracle Mind 5 ® will be like a blinding light that will illuminate all the most important areas of your life showing you a clear and easy way to go, to get there faster… where you've never gone before.

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Image of Miracle Mind 5 by Charlie Fantechi

Miracle Mind 5 by Charlie Fantechi

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