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11 Jan 2020

'Those Of Amazon FBA' Masterclass by Alex Strava

IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW (AND MORE) ABOUT HOW TO START, MANAGE AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH AMAZON FBA! This course will guide you through all the steps required to become a successful Amazon FBA seller!


Product search - Advanced search techniques - * limited use of Jungle Scout and / or Viral Launch (except for product analysis) Criteria according to which a product is Good or Not The tools I use to find products that make over $ 10,000 in profit per month How to find, contact and work with international suppliers + Free Templates Exactly what to ask suppliers and negotiate with suppliers Creating an Amazon Product Page that Converts How to get reviews on your Amazon listing - Social Proof How to rank your product on the first page for multiple keywords (keywords) How to set up and manage your Amazon seller account How to run Amazon advertising to get even more income How to open a VAT or SRL - What do you need to open? How to do?

Image of ‘Those Of Amazon FBA’ Masterclass by Alex Strava

‘Those Of Amazon FBA’ Masterclass by Alex Strava

Download the ‘Those Of Amazon FBA’ Masterclass by Alex Strava for only 53 USD.

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