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20 Jan 2020

Social Media Playbook by Marco Montemagno

In this video course you will find the techniques, tactics, strategies and tools that Monty uses to create an incredibly successful social presence.

From A to Z, step by step, everything you need to know, without crap, explained directly by those who currently have 1 + MLN fans on Facebook, 440K on Instagram, 460K on YouTube (on both it grows by about 1000 new followers a day), 100K + on Linkedin and one of the most listened to podcasts in Italy.

The course has no secret formulas (they don't exist, sorry!) But collects all of Marco's experience of the last 4 years on social media with his videos (in addition to his twenty-year career in the tech world).

A path made up of studies, errors, tests, experiments and continuous updates to be able to emerge in the chaos of current social networks.

If it is in fact relatively easy to have an online following dealing with light topics and for kids, being able to create an immense community by talking about business and marketing to a more senior audience every day is extremely more complicated.

Image of Social Media Playbook by Marco Montemagno

Social Media Playbook by Marco Montemagno

Download the Social Media Playbook by Marco Montemagno for only 42 USD.

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