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09 Jan 2020

Superman Sale 2019 by Frank Merenda

“Superman Sale is a course with me. Live. A two day course. June 30th and July 1st. And it will be held at the Palacassa in Parma. We will have as an international guest none other than Charles Poliquin.

Charles, as the greatest athletic trainer, is also the highest paid athletic trainer in existence. It manages to get paid up to 20 times more than its higher-rated competitors - not the personal trainers at the bottom of the pyramid.

Exceptionally, I asked him to prepare a special session specifically and exclusively for us, or for people who deal with business - salespeople, entrepreneurs, traders, freelancers.

He will explain how to best eat to get 200% during the day and how to systematize a minimum of personal training for people who are full to the hair because of work as I am and as you probably are. "

In summary, we will cover the following topics:

how to sell your product or service (whatever it is) at higher prices than all competitors and having an out-of-line line of A-list customers, prepared to want to work with you and willing to give you their money; food strategies, training and integration to transform you from a salesman weighed down by sandwiches on the fly on a lunch break to a sort of unstoppable Superman ready to reap new customers for longer and with greater clarity, determination and confidence than your competitors; how to sell more to the customers you want and get a physical form and a mental clarity that allows you to do your job with the effectiveness of a Kryptonian on earth.

Download the Superman Sale 2019 by Frank Merenda for only 53 USD.

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