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31 Jan 2020

SurfingTheOptions� di Marco Doni (MoneySurfers)

SurfingTheOptions is a simple online trading method that uses a little known financial instrument: the options listed on the American market CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) and allows you to operate on the markets significantly reducing risk. With this method, constant monthly profits can be obtained, with a very minimal effort required.

The peculiarity of the SurfingTheOptions Method is to put the psychological well-being of the trader first, canceling the harmful effects of the “gambling” style approach that punishes almost all independent financial operators.

As in surfing, in online trading, control wins, not effort. Control of the mind first and of the muscles then. While operating on the financial markets, with the simple excessive use of the muscles of our fingertips, it is possible to squander entire fortunes. It has happened and will happen again.

The market is the ocean, the trends are the currents and the waves are the daily fluctuations in prices. Learning to support the “currents” in the right way and therefore the “ocean” guarantees an opportunity that has never existed before to build an extra financial income by working from home.

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Image of SurfingTheOptions di Marco Doni (MoneySurfers)

SurfingTheOptions di Marco Doni (MoneySurfers)

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