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02 Feb 2020

The Secret Box by Frank Merenda with Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy's 29 “Nearly Illegal” Techniques to Effortlessly Sell Anything to the Best Customers, Even If You Feel Denied.

The Secret Box is the first (and only) sales course held by Dan Kennedy and Frank Merenda TOGETHER. This sentence would probably be enough to justify the immediate purchase of the product.

There is a “detail” that makes this course different from all the others: Frank was able to address Dan - and he surgically extracted the exact information you need to thrive in the world of sales. He squeezed his mustache to the last distilled drop of wisdom.

He urged him several times to clarify and give specific examples for those who have a small business on the street, a company that sells “boring” products … which apparently do not lend themselves to a certain type of promotion.

It was almost inquisitive and insinuating … he practically immolated himself, risking to incur Dan's ire, to make sure that the info was 100% PRACTICAL and aimed precisely at the target of those who do business in the real world.

The result is a real jewel, to say the least INDISPENSABLE for anyone who has a business in Italy today (or is thinking of opening one).

A couple of pearls that you will find inside:

The secret to becoming “the Kardashian of your industry” and having the line of customers outside your business even if there are more qualified operators than you in the market in which you operate How to get the “famous testimonial effect” without having to spend a lot of money to get a VIP under contract The tactic that allowed Trump to win the election and become president of the USA by spending half of his opponents - and how you can use the same principle to get more exposure than your competitors even if you don't have the same advertising budget The dirty trick to put your customers’ testimonials on steroids and get HUGE CREDIBILITY in the eyes of the market, even if you are just starting out and very few people know you and speak well of you A lot, but really a lot, (issimo) more …

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Image of The Secret Box by Frank Merenda with Dan Kennedy

The Secret Box by Frank Merenda with Dan Kennedy

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