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22 Jun 2020

Video Mastery di Paolo Bacchi & Dario Vignali (MARKETERS)

VideoMastery Course

The first Italian course to acquire the tools necessary to tell one's personal and professional story thanks to videos. VideoMastery is designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives in every market who want to use video to build an audience around their ideas, services or products.

Thanks to VideoMastery you will learn how to:

Shoot cinematic videos that impact your audience and thrill them Find out how professionals use lights, microphones and all the various tools capable of significantly increasing the quality of your videos Understand how to set up your storytelling effectively, with any tool at your disposal (from a smartphone to a professional camera) Stand in front of the camera telling yourself at your best, with ease and naturalness Develop a creative process, a workflow and an editorial plan that gives consistency to your online presence You will be able to transform your every idea into a real and complete project, for you or your customers (from pre-production, to production and post-production)

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Image of Video Mastery di Paolo Bacchi & Dario Vignali (MARKETERS)

Video Mastery di Paolo Bacchi & Dario Vignali (MARKETERS)

Download the Video Mastery di Paolo Bacchi & Dario Vignali (MARKETERS) for only 57 USD.

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